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hitman contracts

The bald-headed mission killer 47 goes into his now third adventure. In Hitman: Contracts, you will experience 11 orders from the killer’s past. Whether the game is only a graphics update or whether Hitman: Contracts offers a completely new player experience, the following test reveals.

One albone chase the next

The story of Hitman: Contracts is something special. There is no story in the sense that the 12 missions, with one exception, all play in the past.

The game is opened with a cut scene, where you can see how 47 drags into a shabby hotel room, since it is hard hit.


He falls faintly again and experiences orders from his past. These assignments must now be played back. Hitman veterans will recognize some of the 12 missions. So six missions are remakes from the first two Hitman parts. But they are partly so strongly changed, that one hardly recognizes them again. Nevertheless, for Hitman pros there are so few surprises less. Thus, all who have played Hitman 1 will remember the mission, where you have to enter a hotel and shoot a terrorist. One way to do this is to wait until he goes into the sauna, and then lock the door and turn the heat up so that he dies of heart failure.

The possibilities of a killer

The biggest strength of the Hitman games has always been the variety of the solving possibilities of the individual missions. And that’s no different in Hitman: Contracts. There are always ways to do an order. Unfortunately, the tasks are very similar. One must always eliminate one or more people, or steal objects. There are also a few exceptions. In a mission, you have to kill not only two officers in Russia but also blow up a complete submarine. Such mission targets loosen up a little.

But even if the tasks are always very identical, never comes boredom. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the battlefields are a bit different, such as a slaughterhouse converted into a fetish disco, a shipyard in Rotterdam, or the property of a British lord. All levels are also extremely large and extensive.

The way to successfully complete an order is entirely up to you. Thanks to an extensive map, you can always see where the guards are, or where there might be interesting items like weapons or other clothes.


And above all the clothing plays a very important role in Hitman: Contracts again. The best way to look inconspicuously is to camouflage and cover other clothes. But be careful, behave too conspicuous, or stand too long before a guard, scowls this suspicion and suggests an alarm. A small ad at the bottom left of the screen shows how striking you behave. If the display flashes strongly red, one has a problem and should be either significantly inconspicuous behavior, or best to change clothes.

But the many creeping brings one only conditionally to the goal. Often, the use of weapons is indispensable. And 47 has a considerable arsenal of weapons. A total of 35 different weapons are available in the game. From hand-held firearms to powerful machine guns to melee weapons, everything is there. Especially the piano side and the damped pistol are very often used. The big advantage on the piano side is that it is not recognized by metal detectors.

Growing AI

Hitman: Contracts’ AI is hardly different from its predecessors. This is not necessarily a compliment, as the AI ​​of the predecessors was not always the best. It certainly has its strengths. In this way, enemies will hear you coming, or they will call reinforcements as soon as they have spotted you – and they will immediately sound an alarm when they have discovered a corpse. But unfortunately, there are some not inconsiderable weaknesses. The opponents often hang on corners and edges and they always need an eternity until they fire at one. This means that you have quite a few problems shooting them, even if they are in the majority. But the biggest problem with AI is that in many missions, you do not need to be as cautious as possible. If his camouflage is cleared up, the guard is simply shot, and all the enemies that are now attacking can be done more or less without much trouble. So that you have cleaned the majority of the enemy’s level and can perform its task relatively undisturbed.

So the developers have certainly not imagined this, but you ask yourself often then, why should I sneak creep, if with raw weapon force much easier and above all faster?

At the beginning of the mission you have to get access to the property. You can do this by stalking a guard silently with the pianos and slipping into his clothes. This gives you access to the entire complex. Now there are three possibilities
Lord to eliminate. The first is to get the buttler, change into his uniform, get a little poison, go to the wine cellar, poison the whiskey barrel, fill the whiskey bottle with the poisoned whiskey and bring the Lord the drink and wait until he blesses the temporal.

Or you can go to the heating room, where you will find a petrol tanker. This is brought to the top floor, where the access to the open fireplace is and throws the canister into the open fire, which results in a huge explosion. The third possibility is to enter the house via a ladder and an open window. So you can slowly sneak into the sleeping Lord, grab a pillow and stifle him with it.

This example shows how many solutions there are in Hitman: Contracts. So there are enough reasons to play the missions again, even though they have been successfully completed. It’s just fun to find new solutions.



Unfortunately, the graphics, unlike the predecessor, has hardly changed. The environment still looks very good and the weather effects like rain and snow are very realistic. But above all, the textures are not particularly varied and also not particularly high-resolution. The character models make a very good impression. The movements are very realistic and go well together.

What makes the graphics very good is to bring the extremely gloomy mood over. In the slaughterhouse level, there are big bloodbaths everywhere on the ground and cattle halves hang on meat hooks.

The music also plays a part in making the atmosphere go well. As soon as 47 is discovered or his camouflage is opened, the music changes and becomes much louder and more dramatic.

The German language edition is quite neat. But since she is quite rare anyway, she is not so important.

But the control is all the more important and unfortunately does not work in some places at all. If, for example, She reacts very sluggishly and becomes inaccurate. In addition, 47 still can not jump, which simply can not be. One often remains at small steps and elevations. Even in frantic battles, the control does not help, it is particularly difficult to shoot at the same time and go to cover. You can switch to the ego view, which makes the goal very easy, but the overview suffers.

Intro – Mission 1

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